How to Cancel Your Twitch Subscription

twitch subscription cancellation

Subscriptions refer to the accessing of an app or website in the paid format. You can use that feature if you know how to start streaming on Twitch. Subscriptions add more features to the person’s experience on the website. They help the person with more things that are available there and this does not restrict the person from anything’s access. The person using the free version is not capable of using the advanced features and some of the important and exciting things that are present on Twitch whereas this does not lie with the subscribed person.

Some people are suffering from some financial crisis and cannot afford the subscription prices of Twitch, so they want to quit the subscription thing. However, the task is easy to do even after you try out our viewer bot service. You can cancel the automatic renewal of the subscription by performing some of the steps and can benefit from the features for the current month. It is not true that a person has to face problems in their current plan as soon as they stop the renewal of the next month.

Steps that can be followed

There are some of the steps that are simple to do and will be taking a few minutes of yours but will help you fight against your financial stuff. If the person does not show any activity for the upcoming months on the subscription plan then it automatically renews. The person using the subscription plan can cancel it anytime by simply going to the Subscription Management Plan and then cancel it. The person can click on the Don’t Renew Subscription button that is present on the screen and can get out of it.

These are the simple and the few steps that a person needs to do to cancel their subscription plan. As soon as these steps are completed, the person gets a notification, which tells that when his subscription of the present month is going to end and when they will not be able to use the benefits of the subscription.

Different mediums Used

  1. Android: If a person was using Twitch on an Android then there are some other steps that they need to follow to stop their subscription plan. Those steps involve The cancelation of the Twitch can be done with the help of the Twitch Mobile App or by the use of the Google Play subscription center that is either available on the device or the Google Play website. This can all be only done when you have signed in with your Google account.
  2. TURBO: The TURBO subscription on Twitch is easier but it uses some other steps and in this, you need to go for the Other Subscriptions option, which is present on the Subscription Management Page.
  3. Twitch Prime: The subscription cancellation is not possible in the case of Twitch Prime but it can be redeemed if tried to do it within a certain limit of months. For more information on Twitch Prime subscription, search for it online.