How to Start Streaming on Twitch

obs twitch streaming

From a few years, it is found that Twitch has become one of the growing platforms for online streaming. In this software, you will get features like online streaming, free games, and some very exciting features.
Now if we move to some of the other features and options of this platform then:

Creating an account over this platform
It seems to be obvious that for using this platform you need to create an account over the platform. Here are some of the steps from which you can start the process:

OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software and the use of this software is that it will help you to broadcast the video over the platform. If we look at some of the basic points then in the first step you need to install the OBS of Twitch on your mobile phone or if you are using windows then you need to click over ‘Run as Administrator and it will automatically install it over your system. After that, you need to grant it permission so that it can easily access your game.

Then go in the settings section where you will find the option of ‘Stream’ and select it as the service. Now you need to go in the browser and look for ‘Twitch’ and go in the dashboard of your account, which is at the right corner of the website. Then after you need to go in the settings option and select the option ‘Stream Key’ and then click on ‘Show Key’. Hurray! You are all set to start streaming over Twitch.

If you are looking for online streaming in games then this platform would be a great choice. However, the only limitation for it is that you can only do it on the desktop, which means there is no option available for mobile phones. Now, if we look at the process then you need to go to the source panel in OBS and then press the + button. After that, you need to go for the ‘Game Capture ‘option and enter the name that you want to play over this platform. Then click on the ‘Create New’ option. After that open the game and click on ‘Capture Specific Window’ and then click on the OK button.

With the final words, we conclude that here we have discussed some of the important information that is related to the Twitch application. Along with that, we have mentioned some of the steps from which you will get much help in playing a game over Twitch and you can start online streaming over this platform. Now if we talk about the experience then, this platform gives you the ultimate experience along with the top-notch streaming quality. Another highlight about this platform is that you will get a hassle-free experience and all the features in this platform are very easy to understand and even if you are a beginner that uses this premium offer.